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One week payment plan- Suggestion


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First off, i wana say, in case i posted this in the wrong spot, feel free to re-direct the thread.

Ok, lets get into it. Reciently with all the sh!t surrounding EFT 0.8 release and it being delayed, i have been kind of bored for days not quite sure what to play. Since its been long since i last played BF1 i kinda wanted to try it again. I usually played BF1 with cheat so since i have enjoyed using Chods EFT cheat i decided i could give the Chods BF1 cheat a try. The problem here is that the smalles plan for cheat subs is 1 month. IMO it would be great if 1 week subs would be available. This way i dont have to spend money on time i probably wont use cheat all the time. Back in the day i used to cheat on BF1 i did use another cheat provider and they had a 3 day trial plan that i used to buy many times. The reason is that i dont usually play the same game for many days in a row so it would be waste of money if i purchased a longer plan. 

That being said, im not really familiar with the kind of logistics that are involved in selling cheats and maybe this isnt even a viable option, but as a consumer, i would be much more encouraged to buy a cheat for smaller time interval just so that i could buy maybe again in some weeks when i decide i wana play that game. 

IDK, comment on what you think about this. 

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I agree with you, that week longs subs might be great.  However, we have those "logistics."  I will cover a few that come to mind.  Each purchase takes up time and resources for the dev's.  This means processing and approving the purchase, helping the person get it set up, trouble shooting with them etc etc.  It is about the same for a 1-week sub as a 3 month sub, with the profit margin being much lower on the 1 week sub of course.

Then we have to look at the likely hood of game makers buying the cheat to work on their anti-cheat with it.  Letting them buy it for 1 week gives them enough access to try to break it as it does with a 1 month sub, but in the end the dev's of the cheat have not made as much money and now they have to update it again for just the cost of a 1 week cheat.

I am not sure, but I bet if you ask nicely these guys "might" change your sub for 1 week to BF1 from EFT and then when the patch drops on the 19th change it back for you.  But I could be wrong about that.

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On 4/15/2018 at 6:20 AM, LewisUK said:
On 4/14/2018 at 3:50 AM, Dexter said:

we allow subscription switches 1 time per sub for free if its the same or lower price.
Otherwise you need to pay the difference.

Man, you guys are just awesome.
Thank God for this community. Edited by De_Haos
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