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Chods EFT, the best a man can get


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My first month sub is nearly over. I would just like to share my honest experience with chod's cheats. Being a new customer, the EFT subscription was the introduction to chods for me, as i had never heard of this site. At first it seemed sketchy; well designed website, good prices, overly positive reviews...well i can say i was desperate for something. I started cheating in EFT some time ago. My first account was banned by another cheat, because its injection got detected. I was heartbroken because i thought i had progressed so far. After a month of hesitation i decided to spend, what is a quite large amount for a game for me, 35eur to give EFT cheating another try. That day i purchased EFT account and a cheat from another website. Needless to say i wasnt satisfied with it as the most important feature, aimbot, was broken. I continued my search for something better and found chods. I took a chance on what seemed to be a scam site, but to my surprise i was blown away. Everything worked as described.

After a month of regular use this cheat has provided a wide spectrum of cheating posibilities. From legit game aid to rounds of cruel overpowered slaughter i have tried and done it all. Im honestly surprised i havent got banned yet. If the heartbraking day is arround the corner, i can say that chods has provided me with hours of really great fun and i can definetly say it was worth getting a new account and trying out chods. Now as im writing this review the game has been reciently updated. What does it mean for you as a customer. Well it means you can sit back and relax as Chod back-breakingly checks for possible vulnerabilities after the recent update to insure you are as safe as possible.

Cheats is one thing, but often a problem most paying cheaters run into is terrible staff and support. Here at chods you feel like in an opposite-universe. Whether you need help with something technical or you just have an unanswered question, the staff will make sure to quickly solve the issue. You can also enjoy the community both here on forums and on Discord.

What else is there to say...10/10.1 because there is always room for a grain of improvement ;)

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