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Hello there @OhISee,

Okay so theirs a few reason why BE/Battleye cheats sell for such a significant sum or a setup into invite only groups. I'll make a list below of reasons why Battleye can cause cheats to be so highly priced.

  • Pro-Active Cheat Detection. (Always Scanning Gameplay)
  • Pro-Active Kernel Based Protection System. (Scans Players Computers, Using a Heartbeat)
  • Innovative & On-The-Fly Scanning. (Allowing Their BattlEye Dev's To Make Slight Changes At A Moments Notice, Makes Harder for Bypasses)
  • Global Banning System. (That can be SteamID/Account/HWID Based
  • Large Customer Pool. (This Is Mainly Around The Fact That BE Is Employed & Used On Many Triple AA Game Titles.
If i missed out anything feel free to add below.

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