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PUBG - New update


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Hi everyone :)

i think that you already know it, but since today, Bluehole put a new update on test server.

it is especially an update concerning the protection against cheaters with what they call a new anti cheat solution. 
The update is about 4 GB in size


We support the chod team for the future works !

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Worst comes to worst, the cheat will just be offline for a while until a new bypass is sorted out.

Most of the time when game developers say things like
"We have a new awesome, unbypassable, super duper secure new Anti-Cheat!!!"
They really just mean "We made a brand new anti-cheat that no one knows about and it's garbage because it's not very well coded"

Anti cheats have always had to tread a fine line between being secure, whilst not being overly intrusive, or causing too much performance drop. And what's more, newer anticheats tend to have ALOT of bypasses. It takes alot of time to patch up all the unknown vulnerabilities in a software. That's why even OLD software like Java or Microsoft Windows are constantly updating, to patch security exploits that are slowly becoming found over time. 
New anti cheats tend to be full of holes, and it'll take them years to patch all of them. That, or they just completely fail because they're either too secure, and cause too much invasion/security drop that it breaks the game, or some scandal appears where some guy lost his banking details to the anti cheat, or it's not invasive ENOUGH and lets every single cheat through.

Sure, it might take cheat makers a little while to get familiar with the new anti-cheat and how it works, but finding a bypass should be possible by good cheat-makers. We have every confidence in Chod's team to pull through ;)

It's not a simple task to make a new anticheat that works well, so 99% chance the new anticheats will probably suck. It's probably nothing to worry about.

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