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h1z1 king of the kill or pubg


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So, what game you prefer/like more??

I like them both, pubg has more realistic gun mechanics, closest to csgo if we can say that, pupg shooting is kinda weird. 1st time in my life i have so weird feelings about those 2 games.
Sometimes i say ok pubg is better overall but i tend to play h1z1 more. There is something in h1z1 that makes me like it more but i dont really know what is it yet :P

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PubG is probably much better. 

I've been playing rust modded servers and they seem really fun compared to PubG and H1Z1 

I hacked like crazy on PubG lost like 15 accounts so it's really not worth it, and i was using so called undetected private hacks that you had to get approved with from a underground provider. 

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