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A Customers POV - Suggestions for better customer satification.


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A Customers POV 
(Im not writing this to insult anyone, its simply to make it better for us customers :) )

''Customer satisfaction is a term frequently used in marketing
. It is a measure of how products and services supplied by a company (CHOD'S Cheats) meet or surpass customer (I, and everyone else interested in what you offer) expectation. ''

As a customer - i expect that any item i buy, holds the expectation of the promises given  - during the trade.
In this exact example, ''During the trade'' is when i enter the storepage, and pay for the cheat. 
Any customer should, and would expect the item to work as intended. Any customer would expect the cheat to not be detected. 

Now - ofcourse any cheat could be detected, but then the company should always state this VERY clearly. 
I went ahead and bought the Escape from Tarkov cheat - only to find out its detected.
The important part here, from a customer POV - is that this information was given AFTER the trade. Not during.

For anyone having a hard time seeing why this is bad, let me give you a real life comparison. 
You buy a piece of meat in the store - only to find out its spoiled when you prepare it. 
In this situation, any customer would stop buying meat from that store, and find somewhere else to get their food. 

I hope you guys take customer satisfaction seriously. As a first time customer on this page, i must admit im not very satisfied.
I would like to give Emiiru some credz for making changes to the EFT page as soon as i pointed this out.
Also - i do know that the days lost are refunded, and that is appreciated!

As stated in the top - this is written only as a heads up. :)
Im overall satisfied with everything else.

- Andy

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And let me give you a comparison, any person with common sense would ask if it is detected first in the forums like someone who is purchasing a good from amazon that is an off-market unknown brand and looks into the reviews and customer satisfaction as well as "fit your expectations" percentages. Just because you didn't do any research or contact support or any staff before the purchase does not mean it is a staff issue when they work very hard to maintain the site and its cheats, you do point out the positives but next time as well should advise the new incoming customers as to what they could do to avoid the issue happening to them as well.

Much Love,
- Le Lupe

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