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This review will be of the CSGO cheat as of today November 16th, 2017. All statements in this review are my personal opinions and should be taken with a grain of salt if you feel differently then you have the right to your opinion.

As of this moment, the CSGO cheat is incredibly well configured, it does require a little bit of knowledge and isn't as friendly to the casual cheater as some other cheats may be but it sure is more than good enough if you know what you are doing.

Aimbot: 8/10 I personally rate this an 8 because it is just a little too snappy for me, you can fidget with the settings to try and lessen how hard it snaps but overall it is just generally too snappy in my opinion
ESP: 10/10 The ESP that chod's cheat has to offer is superb in comparison to many other cheats I have used in the past, from the customizability to the different things you can set ESPs for.
Rage: 7/10 (for the casual cheater) 10/10 (for the advanced avid cheater) In my opinion the rage is not meant for the casual cheater but as I have stated chod's CSGO cheat is overall not for the casual cheater in my opinion, however for the avid knowledgable cheater it is great and can 99% of the time win an hvh if you know what you are doing
Trigger: 9/10 I personally am not one to use trigger too often but the way that chod's trigger is setup is very well put together and very user-friendly

Thank you for reading my review, if you found my review to be helpful you can react and smack that heart in the bottom right corner and if you'd like to see more reviews like this then you should follow our club and check out the other topics we post.
- Le Lupe's Reviews & Guides Team

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