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@Dexter This guy @clavius Sent me an message on my youtube video, He told me add this account and i did he told me you are gonna boost me. I told him i want payment first of all. And then he told me i want a few games so i can see that you are hacking i gave him 2 games that i got 20+ kills. And then i told him send me the payment and i will boost you 1x 30s he sent me the payment smooth. We started up a game after 4-5 houers we finaly got the win 30 kills and win. He told me that he wanted more games. I told him if you want more games you will be needing to pay more. He told me i ''scammed'' him. I told him how did i scam you i gave you the win that you requested. After a while to talking he got mad at me and becoming toxic as fak. I decide to Block him becuse i cant handel the bullshit. My account is banned. I raged 5 houers for him to get the win. Account of when i boosted him http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198415891748?tscn=1504998047.

@clavius can go in and check the winnings. and send SS

Account name that i hacked with Kersikis / Pickel Morty
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