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Found 5 results

  1. Hey Boy so i quit CS and Selling My Account. http://steamcommunity.com/id/DMGSELING Send me a message on Steam To http://steamcommunity.com/id/EZSKINZZ
  2. I will sell them for dirty cheap. On has every valve game on it. The rest have just CSGO. I am selling the one with just CSGO for $3 USD and the one with all the valve games for $8 USD. I will also trade all of them for an account with a brand new copy of CSGO or a CSGO gift from the US. It has to have no play time in the past 2 weeks or proof that is was never used to hack in MM or Community. My skype is damienhelm and all transactions have to be in Paypal or steam gifts. I am also willing to trade my Chods-Cheats membership (expires April the 19th) for a CSGO account. You pay first. Or trade first.
  3. I am selling a very rare league of legends account, i will be able to give you all info about the account. It is hard to come by an account with these skins, it also has all the important runes. I will be able to show you the skins ingame if you want to. Account information: Black alistar - legacy - prepurchase digital edition VERY VERY RARE - note that this skin is unobtainable with the removal of skin codes, when it was on sale it had a price on around 500-700 USD. ------------- Pharaoh Amumu - legacy ------------- Goth Annie - normal Red Ridning Annie - legacy Annie in Wonderland - legacy legendary ------------------ Resistance Caitlyn - normal ------------------ Nightmare Cho'Gath - legacy Gentleman Cho'Gath - legendary ------------------ UFO Corki - legacy VERY RARE ------------------ Toxic Dr. Mundo - legacy Mr. Mundoverse - legacy Corporate Mundo - legendary ------------------ Victorious Elise - legacy ------------------ Nottingham Ezreal - legacy Frosted Ezreal - normal ------------------ Spooky Gangplank - normal ------------------ Vandal Jax - normal Angler Jax - legacy ------------------ Traditional Karma - legacy ------------------ Phantom Karthus - legacy ------------------ Deep One Kassadin - normal ------------------ Judgment Kayle - legacy ------------------ Sonoran Kog'Maw - legacy ------------------ Muay Thai Lee Sin - normal ------------------ Vizier Malzahar - legacy ------------------ Galactic Nasus - normal ------------------ King Rammus - legacy Beta Testers only VERY RARE Chrome Rammus - normal Molten Rammus - legacy ------------------ Atlantean Syndra - normal ------------------ Emerald Taric - legacy ------------------ Panda Teemo - normal ------------------ Traditional Trundle - legacy ------------------ Highland Tryndamere - legacy ------------------ The Magnificent Twsited Fate - legacy legendary ------------------ White Mage Veigar - normal ------------------ Count Vladimir - normal ------------------ Urf the Manatee - legacy only been in shop 1 time VERY RARE ------------------ Imperial Xin Zhao - normal ------------------ Pool Party Ziggs - normal i will only take serious offers into consideration! For further contact and account information PM me. NOTE: I will only take money, and it has to be through paypal with a verifed account!, and with NO refund! I am not responsable for what you do on the account after i sold it to you, and i will NOT claim it back.
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