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  1. Hi my friend, I just took 1 week vacation and when I got back today the cheat is somehow worked differently? I mean it says I had to close the steam first before inject the cheat? then I read on the forum, something about vac ban wave happened recently? is the cheat back online and safe? I am a bit confused. Thanks :)

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    2. bluedevil9900


      My cheat keep getting this error message. |failed to find PEB 32, error:50"  what the hell is this lol

    3. xavier


      tbh , i have no idea.

      i suggest you create a ticket if problem persists.

    4. bluedevil9900


      I already did and sadly no one is helping me and this dexter guy is punishing me. I'm sorry. But I'm frustrated since I can't use the hack for so long and no one is responding my help except you lol. I do appreciate your response to me.