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  1. @ArmorAllMy graphic settings are fucked.... if you played it would look normal
  2. ended up winning the game, but the recording ended short for some reason. Thank you developers for allowing me to win every game. Intro made by @Davidofft 2020-12-01_18-01-28.mp4
  3. +_+ This cheat allows me to win nearly every game! +_+ 9/10, AMAZING BUT I KNOW CHODS CAN ALWAYS IMPROVE Basic Review Visuals - 10/10 - ZERO BUGS, DISTANCE IS INSANE Aimbot - 8/10 - GOOD WHEN YOU USE THE RIGHT SETTINGS [ WOULD LOVE A IMPROVEMENT BUT I DONT CODE CHEATS SO IM NOT SURE IF ITS ALREADY THE BEST IT CAN BE, I KNOW CHODS CSGO TO HAVE THE BEST LEGIT AIM ] Recoil - 10/10 - THE RECOIL CONTROL IS SERIOUSLY OVERPOWERED , ZERO RECOIL! ^ I find the "Disable when being spectated by.." feature super unique My se
  4. 444

    List your game!

    1. Call of Duty Cold War, and Warzone2. IW Engine 53. This is a game I will already be buying a cheat for, but I would rather buy one from you guys as your quality and security is unmatched. I will pay up to $45 a m/o.