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  1. Bratan, read the forum post about the current situation. Also EAC decided to work as intended. Sooner or later new coders will come, or they will find something else, who knows.
  2. you know that 4 cheats are disabled right? Do you think you can change an entire code for each cheat that easy?
  3. we will get the days compensated anyway
  4. As I stated before, you havent been spectated for a whole match then, with more than 1 person spectating you, and I have met quite a lot twtich streamers... it was quite obvious. Thats why it got removed the next day.
  5. Then you havent played enough with sneaky survs who stay on spectator watching you, and at the end saying: "oh yeah guys xxx(my name) was cheating, his/her items wasnt losing charges... Also faceless said they feature got removed anyway.
  6. not really useful tbh, I played with infinite items durability and... you can get called out... because once someone dies they can spectate you And repairing faster... why tho? Only takes 90s to complete 1 gen by yourself, 45s with prove thyself and other temamates...