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  1. no @losduques1 when you buy the cheese you accept the risk of being banned at any time for any reason. Its not chod's or his teams fault for your ban.
  2. Just wondering if there is going to be another discount period this year like last? Fair enough if not, we did just get a big present.
  3. This is beautiful :') gods work being done here
  4. if u play like a normal human being it could be infinite. i havent been banned in over a year other then the detection which has been fixed and wont happen again. the people getting banned are running around the map aiming at people through walls and headshotting ppl cross map. if u play obvious then obviously u will get banned. just bite the bullet and begin unless you're happy playing legit then keep on keeping on. let it be known this cheat is very safe and for that it goes down quite often when new patches come out to make sure there are no bans if there is a detection. but u are given the
  5. 1. im not sure? dont think they hwid ban but ip could be a thing. 2. heaps of people do that, i do 3. dont do obvious things and take breaks, restart the cheat every hour-2 so it changes it values and stuff to lower your risk, pay attention to forums. 4. recurring payment isnt a thing to my knowledge. when it comes to next month it says, "hey you got a pending month choose to pay or nah"(not those exact words) 5. it CAN show everything. (containers, pockets, bags, ground loot and corpses etc.) 6. not sure about ban, but heaps of people do it already and i dont hear muc