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  1. got them, they're awesome, thanks!
  2. Cool, thanks! I'll be getting some cheats soon. I'll follow the steps like how they do it for csgo.
  3. Got the usb drive and windows 10 professional. Do I have to make sure I have the latest version of windows 10? Also, say you guys think the cheats might be compromised will an announcement be made or does it just kind of happen randomly? One more thing, will paypal convert usd to gbp?
  4. First, where do I purchase them? Second, I used **REMOVED** before this and had to go into my bios and stuff, that wasn't fun. Do I have to do the same here or do I only need a flash drive? I got banned back in the September ban wave and heard Chod's is way better. I have 4 accounts from friends that all gave up on the game and I'm eager to fuck people over again, as I've been fucked over.