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  1. I already asked him to contact me when he has a middleman, If im not ready he can go straight to you
  2. Alright, let me know when u get a middleman and i will see probably not gonna be on for much longer tonight tho.. its 2:07am lol
  3. When will u be home? What time is it for u rn?
  4. To me? I'll take it whenever a middle man is available then... Just contact me i'll be on for a little bit longer and then tomorrow from 10am-8pm EST
  5. I'll buy the account for 60€ Just got to figure a way to do it, Because you dont have a payp Will a middleman even do it that way? @CantThinkOfName
  6. Looking to pay 70$ i will negotiate but i require a middle man and the payment through paypal, Preferably never cheated on... If you have a offer hit me up on discord @Macedonia#8018 Thanks
  7. is the account still available? Might be intrested...