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  1. hello, are you still interested in my csgo lifetime subscription? i'd sell it for btc/eth

  2. * have a good time guys <3
  3. Playing ESL Wire on VMWare would cause an instant ESL Ban. Its no other cheat, as i wrote you can use ALL CHODS cheats in ESL with it
  4. btw, here's my steam account: sowulo2k, feel free to contact me.
  5. yes, you are right, these where stupid words. i'll remove any doubts if you are contacting me. you dont have to pay anything before your doubts arent 100% gone. but i want to avoid to use this thread for informations, if you're interested qry me with steamacc, i'll add you asap and you have nothing to lose, just let me talk to you and i'm sure we'll get a way for both sides. i cant give any free vouches, i'm sorry about that but thats not how it works, you all know that.
  6. I have a first person with interest. I'll ask him to vouche for me when everything is done. I'm a user here for almost a year and am absolutely not interested in scamming anyone. On the other hand i am the one who has to be absolutely sure that no informations are going outside. Like i said, if you dont trust in me, thats your own decision. When you contact me, there's a 100% security for both of us, we'll take all the time needed to trust each other, we will check every single option that both of us are getting what they want.
  7. i wont respond to any of your posts. i dont care about some people who dont trust me. i only give about max. 8 slots +-1/2 , until my fix amount of money is reached. the first who buys the cheat, is allowed to give me a offer for the price. if it fits my needs this person has the lowest price available. every next user will pay a little amount more. no excharge necessary until you are 100% sure you have no more doubts. this action will be ended in a very short time.
  8. all necessary informations will be given if you are 100% trusted by me. please, as said, do not talk or make requests in this thread.
  9. Hi. I'm offering you a ESL Wire Bypass Solution. You can play ALL Chods Supported Cheats on ESL with 100% safety. What you can do is PM me with your Steam-Account. I'll add you with a Anonymous Steam Account and tell you all instructions, please accept that i'll take a little fee for it since i got my car crashed and need now money as soon as possible to get it fixed. I'm a absolutely DiscretType, i used to play several EPS seasons in CS:S with this Solution, was never banned in over 9 Years of ESL. its working since over 6 years, the release of ESL Wire. i will do my absolute best to not get scammed from any of you guys, if you are risking any kind of scam i'll teach you how fast esl can ban you. and never wanted to share this with anyone, but my finances force me to share it. This service is 100% Anonymous for anyone except me. Please, do not talk here in this Thread about it, Only PM Me with your Steamname. Admins: Would glad if you could make this sticky.
  10. paying maximum 17€ please pm me with your steam name
  11. so how i see this the hack is now unuseable for lan, right? loved the trigger always thought abot using it on a lan with silent mode