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  1. Thank you for the giveaway, good luck everyone!
  2. You are right. I would but i dont play in a group.
  3. Hey collins, you know there is no ETA, so you can search a discord for EFT. I know there are some.
  4. So the main problem is, that you agree to many points, battleye can use from your pc. You agreed that they can scan you pc, connection and opened programs. So they need to workaround a whole bunch of things to get it running. BattlEye may collect and process the following information from you: IP address Game identifiers (e.g. in-game name, account ID, etc.) Hardware device information and identifiers (e.g. serial numbers) Information about the running operating system Information about game-related and operating-system-related files and memory Information about running processes, drivers and other executable code File names included in other information listed here, which might also contain your operating system user name Btw, still damn happy about the Chods USB ! 😀
  5. I'm now using chods since february and just can tell that im really surprised. I tested a lot providers and the best is chods. Your timing is unlucky, after the massive anticheat overhaul it has been a piece of hard work for chod to figure things out. Just be patient its really worth it!
  6. Spartan414

    dayz SA

    I would buy it too, i like dayz but the loot-system is crap
  7. Thanks for the fast reply, i try some of them!
  8. Hey, i just wanted to edit some videos to show them off. I have never edited anything so, i need some suggestions for the right program.
  9. Nice Review, have fun with the cheat!
  10. Hey, did u enter your whole adress etc? Cause i have all options available.