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  1. Oh well commenting on this post is maybe enuf to enter the giveaway? XD gl to others
  2. ok so lemme tell this b4 hand I was a old Chods user and I stopped renewing my sub as the cheat started loosing focus on hvh and I used to use chods as my main hvh cheat . If Chod Could code such a great resolver and cheat why don't it continue anymore the coders are focusing more on H1Z1 and PuBG but people like me like to visit their old cheats to try it out and im not seeing any chod user on hvh server anymore... Did the cheat didn't get any update since June? For Hvh and how does it performs in hvh now. If it did got a Update correct me in replies and if it's not holding up to Hvh nowaday
  3. cant download your config