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  1. if you're still interested zxfireflyxz is my skype Sorry, forgot I posted this on here. I have injected on them, I haven't on the semi main in a few weeks.
  2. Negotiable Prices Account 1 - Smurf Rank LE 16 wins 27 Hours Rank 9 Level 0 Price $19 PP or BTC Account 2 - Main/Semi-Main Service medal, 5 year coin, prime ready, lots of hours, 12 games. Rank MGE 135 wins 620 Hours Rank 14 with prestige Level 9 12 games Price $33 PP or BTC Pm me NEGOTIABLE PRICES
  3. Rank dmg 22 hours Price $13 negotiable
  4. Account now ranked mg2 will be ranking it over the next few days but if you want to makes offers hmu
  5. Account had rank reset due to hackers, I'll update thread once I get it ranked again
  6. What do you mean? like faceit? Sorry for the late reply
  7. not exactly what you're looking for but i have a dmg with almost 600 hours, 12 year old account. If you're interested lmk.
  8. Do you know how much overpay they want with skins and how it works? I want to possibly pay with skins but just need to be sure.
  9. Yeah thats correct i could help you out with payment check Pm if you are interested. They accept skins? whats the overpay % or w/e
  10. Rank: MG2 Hours: 600+ I'm still using the account and afking everyday. Wins: 145+ Steam level: 8 Game level: 13 but already prestiged Games: CS - CS GO, HL, TFC, etc. Member since: November 15th, 2003 Price: OFFERS(btc/pp/skins with op) $30, negotiable, if you're interested hmu. Screenshots are a few days old.