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6 digit 12-13 Year Old Accounts


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I've seen so many people sell 6 digit accounts that are 12-13 Years old.
Why buy them if you can get as many as you want for free?

So basically, a few years ago hotmail purged a bunch of older emails. Some of which were linked to steam accounts.
I came across a program about a year ago called "Lowdig" I guess it basically just scans thru a set SteamID and lists the hotmail account that they're linked to?

And since these are old, these hotmail accounts most likely don't exist anymore. All you need to do is just go to hotmail.com and signup with that same hotmail username.
Then just go to steam and recover this account with a password reset. 

Screenshot: http://prntscr.com/f3viuy
Download: https://github.com/Ezzpify/FindLowDigAccounts/releases - Go down to "downloads" and click "release.rar"

So just pretty much extract that shit, open LowDig.exe. It will create a "Settings.json" file, open that with notepad or some shit.
"startId" is basically which steamid it starts from and "endId" is which steamid to stop scanning at.

For "startid" I recommend putting a random 6digit ID like "665864" If you put something like "600000" obviously that shit will be milked as fuck and you wont find anything.
and "endId" doesn't matter, just do whatever. 

Once you save that, open Lowdig.exe and let it scan for a bit. Close the program. A text file will be created with the lists of SteamID and emails they're linked to.
They won't all work though. I'm supprised this shit isn't milked as fuck yet.
Oh and Yeah, sometimes you might find a still active account or maybe an account with games on them. Mainly just CSS but It's still paid.

And heres a video on it: 

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6 minutes ago, capitol_d said:
7 minutes ago, FadeCS said:

This was patched a while ago now RIP ;(

what do you mean it was patched? How do you patch something like this?
Steam won't reply when you send the recovery request, they might even ban the account 
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16 hours ago, SkidWacka said:

It's still working perfectly fine for me, and it doesn't require that much work. 
Almost every single one of the emails work for me.

Yes the emails will always work, the steam later won't though
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