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Pc won't start


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Ever since the new update my pc won't switch on properly 

What happened was I was in the middle of a game and suddenly i lost connection to my monitor. I restarted my pc and the monitor showed the windows logo and went to a strange set of random colours. I then removed the flash drive with the cheat on it and that helped... Until i put the flashdrive back in. Now my pc won't display anything, whether the drive is inserted or not 

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11 hours ago, TYGER112 said:

Edit: I fixed the problem (just unplugged/replugged the SATA connection to my SSD) not sure what caused the problem although it did happen as soon as I injected

I had a short in my USB hub. Fragged my whole system, wouldn't turn on at all with a USB plugged into that set of ports. Unplugged and it worked. Weird shit.
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