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CS:GO Prime numbers AUTOMATED! numbers.city


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Numbers.city is a premium burner SMS receiving service that allows you to verify your services with unique verified & trusted phone numbers that can be used on all kinds of services! Which can be used on CS:GO prime verification.
Paypal: $2.37
BTC: $2
CS:GO Keys: 1

Link: http://numbers.city

How to video:
(Don't mind the shitty edit but w/e)
Click here

Twitter: @numbers_city
Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/Lua_/
Telegram: gl_ua
Discord: 1337#0001
Q: I need mobile auth??
A: Add mobile auth first to make sure you have it, because adding mobile auth first will get you prime & the authenticator without any hassle
Q: Does the number last forever?
A: No, because this prevents abuse of my server as we tested that we can not have many numbers running and fetching SMS codes all the time, and this is safer for the buyer because after 3 minutes we deactivate the number so nor me or the buyer would have access to the number. You may ask why, well let's say the buyer's email get compromised which isn't something that won't happen, and they find the link where they can use the number that person can simply jack the buyer's account. Also let's saw someone found a way to exploit the site in this case I am the only person who will get hurt not the buyer, why? Because the numbers that my buyers bought have been already deactivated which means they can't use them.
Have any more questions PM me

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20 hours ago, LonelyWolf said:
On 22/04/2017 at 1:32 PM, FadeCS said:

If the number gets terminated and you have mobile auth how would you disable it?

You can remove your mobile auth or your number from steam by simply entering the code on mobile auth :)
But you wouldn't have access to ur number anymore 
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44 minutes ago, LonelyWolf said:
1 hour ago, FadeCS said:
But you wouldn't have access to ur number anymore 
You don't need your number to access your email or get codes from mobile auth.....
Ah yes ok 
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