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Cheap CS:GO Boosting Service

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Hi and welcome to EV0X BOOSTING SERVICE 


We offer very cheap and affordable boosting services for those who think they deserve more in CS:GO

Prices are the lowest on the market and are always negotiable,we are all good people after all

Message me on this forum or add me on Steam (Link Below)


Prices:Silver - DMG: 2.50€ / rank
DMG - Legendary Eagle Master: 5€ / rank
Legendary Eagle Master - Supreme: 8€ / rank
Supreme - Global: 10€ / rank


As payment we accept PAYPAL,SKINS (20 % MORE) AND KEYS


No bugs,exploits or cheats are used and you will never get banned

Each game is on Global Level versus our bots and you will be able to get around 40-80 kills each games and up to 16 MVP'S




STEAM: http://steamcommunity.com/id/ev0xboost/

TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Ev0xBoosting


Feel free to add me anytime and discuss





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