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LEM 900 hours 360 wins GTA 5 level 401 lots of games,

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Hello chods, I've decided to sell my main account as I got global elite on my other account and I'm making it my main

Add me on steam for offers www.steamcommunity.com/id/DogeChan

And the account for sale is


The account has

Gta 5 ' level 401 legit and rich account

Csgo 900 hours lem account with 360 wins

Mw3 ( vac banned)

Mw2 (vac banned)


Left for dead 2

2015 service medal


It's market unlocked

I can either use a trusted middleman or you can go first in both ways I can't risk getting banned from chods as I used to be a vip member

Add me talk about the account on my steam (first one)

Taking all offers but Pls don't lowball

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wasn't cheats, was using custom skins on it, like asiimov on the l15, and a kawaii skin for the MSR, basically didn't know that you can get banned for editing the game files, got vac banned on both.

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man you never change either? :D basically when i said no cheats used on it i basically meant csgo, but whatever anyway,

Modern Warfare Series

Using skins in MW VAC games by modifying iwd files is not bannable. If you replace textures by yourself, it's safe.

I used a program, that also had level hacks in it, not that i didn't want to use the level hack but i got banned way before even trying it, it was 440 days anyway.

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