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Maniac's CS:GO Account Shop!

We provide you all type of CS:GO smurf accounts at best prices with full support.

Some of the FEATURES of our accounts:

- Rank based accounts, buy the approriate rank of your choice and enjoy smurfing!

- 100% revoke and alert guarantee. All our accounts will be the provided with the email they were created. Hence no worries about getting account locked after purchase.

-Unranked accounts available too!

-All accounts are Private Rank 3 unlocked so you can start playing matchmaking on the go!

-Payment through: CS:GO keys or PayPal!

-Instant product delivery!

-Comprehensive support!

-Live Chat available!

Accounts that are available!

Unranked accounts = 18$

Silver accounts = 30$

Gold Nova accounts = 25$

Master Guardian(including DMG) = 25$

LE & LEM accounts = 30$

Global Elite accounts = ON REQUEST

Contact us on Skype: maniaczzzshop

Add me on Skype by clicking the button.



If you trade with us please leave a positive feedback and reputation too!

Good Luck and Have Fun!

Contact us on Skype: maniaczzzshop

Buyer needs to go first or a Middleman service would be used from this forum only!

csgo 2015-11-05 15-56-56-36.png

csgo 2015-11-05 15-58-15-89.png

csgo 2015-11-08 11-57-45-73.png

csgo 2015-11-09 20-06-08-39.png

csgo 2015-11-11 13-12-38-38.png






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