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Accidently clicked on link in my csgolounge trade


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So I accidently clicked on link in my csgolounge trade and it started downloading .scr type file, but windows defender detected it immediately so download got canceled automatically. My question is am I safe or should I format my computer now just in case now? Especially looking for answers from forum staff, since you are all familiar with this coding stuff.

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if it didn't run you should be safe.

Unless they had a silent java driveby or something alike, but I doubt that.

Java driveby is patched since a time back if I remember correctly?

Firstly any known public JDB is detected and no longer work on java except if really outdated.

Private working ones cost a lot and still dont run on chrome.

If your looking for a decent file host check the rat section we have numerous file hosts for these uses.

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