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What I Middleman:

GO Items → Cash (and vise-versa)

Accounts → Cash (and vise-versa)

Terms of Service:

I will not be held responsible for any chargebacks/account recoveries or any form of scam after the trade is completed.

You must fill out the form below. Never trade me without a pm!

I can decline any trade that I do not feel entirely comfortable with.


chods Username:

What does the trade consist of:

How much is it worth:

Your skype:

Person you're trading's skype:

Do you agree to my ToS?


My one and only skype is: nrem.level

I have done many high risk trades with money above 2000$ also incl low digit accounts 2/3 digits.

So come to me for a safe trade when u don't want to be scammed!


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I know this is completely unrelated, and I do trust your service and may use it so thanks for posting it, but the 3 digit you recently sold, what was the starting number?

I sold 3x 3 digits: starting numbers 8/2/4

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no offense but no one will want to use your service if you aren't middle man from steamrep.com

steamrep.com is highly overrated.

I am a trusted member of many forums with allot of vouches and a very good reputation.

Since i have experience in selling/trading/buying for many many years, i offer this service for who needs te feel more secure!

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