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[wts] cs:go skins entire inventory!


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(Market Price Value) x .75 = The Discounted Price.

Main Rules:

He does not add private profiles;

He will not go first;

He does not accept OMM's; "I have a $48,000 inventory so I wouldn't scam lol" - YOLOSWAG Michael

He only accepts PayPal.

Is it hard making it big these days on lounge? Yes, some of you might say? Well I completely disagree. I started betting back in April of 2014 with awful 4 cent skins, much like the majority of you. This is when I mainly just started following the pro scene and whatnot. I started really getting into betting towards the end of July. I truly started then, by investing around 10$ and purchased an ak redline. I had won quite a few well calculated bets and mid August I had already obtained a 3,000$ inventory. Since August I've only grown exponentially. I'm breaching nearly 50,000$ won from betting with a win ratio of 51% in over 900 My inventory is for sale at 25% off of market value (that means 75% off market value and i'm not selling knives and my howls)

Links to back my claims:

1). Total Net Value - Imgur

2). Turning 40$ into 1700$ over LAN on a new betting account - http://i.imgur.com/Ru78UCG.png

3). Profile Links; Main Account- Steam Community :: YOLOSWAG Michael

Alt Account - Steam Community :: YOLOSWAG mikal

I will also be starting a betting group as well very shortly. Entry fee will be 1 key and eventually max out at 2 keys per month. You can expect to find this created and running within the upcoming week(s).

I'm also negotiable. Depending on how much you buy I'm willing to go to 30% off or 70% off market price.

Add him on steam and let him know EnvyTheNoob sent you!

Feedbacks from PAYING customers:

this guy can be trusted.. don't worry.
His legit, I used him today, brought some nice skins.
Just bought a skin from him, I went first and all went well :)
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