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[VIP Selling] Low digits verification / proof of VAC status


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Dear fellow members,

i know that we had the "seal of approval" in our VIP sales but that is to much time consuming and is not needed.

Everyone can make a list with login name and id's and say it is their stock and so still scam.

I want to make a better suggestion since a friend of mine is this on a other forum.

"Low digit verification" 4/3 Digits needs to be verified before sales.

This way you can prevent scams with high amounth of money.

Verification works like this:

* User gives PM telling he wants to verify a account

* User adds the verifier to proof ownership of account ( This way u can also check if he has a steam alert or not, steam alerted account can't come online )

* With 3 digits it is suggested to use teamviewer to inspect the account, this is not needed for 4 digits.

- Records will be held so we know at all time who sold the account and what digits and in what state.

This is just a simpel step to ensure that high amounth of money scams are reduced and can be done by one person.

If this is being applied i want to personally vollunteer as verifier.

I sell accounts for many many years and know all about the steamclient and accounts and done many low digit transactions.

So if needed i can also be of use as MM.

Another thing that should be implanted is this:

Selling gifts or keys: PROOF ! Screenshot of inventory or picture of steamkey with blurred out a portion of the key.

Selling accounts: Show picture of settings screen show that it is in good standing or not ( blurr out login/email ofc )

All these things help to ensure a clear and stable selling section:

* Low digit verification

* Proof of inventory

* Proof of VAC status

These methods have been very affective on other sites and would be great here 2.



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