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Squad Review


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Hello all : )


After 350 Hours playtime on Squad cheating with Chods i want to leave a review now


ESP 10/10


- this is a absolutely must have option, your advantage which you have while in a vehicle or foot soldier is match changing

- works perfect never encountered  a problem with it 
- its also nice to know which weapon a soldier have so you can instant kill him when he is pulling out his Rocket Laucher to get butt

- the option to see the enemeny FOB/HOB is completly crazy, you can run as a solo soldier in there base avoid every enemeny an just put down there Radio and everyone like "what the hell happend"??


Aimbot 10/10 


- for myself i didnt really used this function 

- but what i learned from the Chods Team is they do very very great Job so i think the Aimbot will also work very nice : ) 



Misc 12/10 


- here we comes to the best thing i have ever seen 

- in all my 180 hours i used everytime unlimited Stamina , unlimited Ammo without any problem 

- for myself i dont use any Speed values do to Security Reason



Fun 20/10

- as a Medic you can revive and heal everyone because you see the others with Esp very nice feature

- You will called out by your Team as a crazy Soldier Master which runs always in the Fire and Revive your Teammates you will have funny voice acts as a Medic 🙂

- you dont like Vehicles ? you are annoyed by them ? no problem quick grab the Anti Heavy Tank and go for the Hunt with unlimit Ammo its no problem if you didnt hit the shoot just be sure you are not too obvious when your Teammates see that you can shoot 5 rockets instantly

- as a Logic Trucker you will have your Fun you see the Soldiers/Vehicles and can always outrun them and supply the Front everyone will thank you for this

- as a Squad Leader you can also outrun the Enemenys perfect in time


Security 100/10


- with always Misc on

- with average of 25/5 stats per match i can say you will not get banned if you dont act too suspicious

- this was the most funny 3 Months i have ever had currently i left Squad behind me to make a brake but i will come back


Bug Fix 10/10

- before a few Months there was a Bug that the cheat closed itself after a new Match, Costumer reported this Bug and Chods fixed it in a few days/week great Job




Thanks to the Chods Team that you always deliver that what we as a Costumer want Security and Features

if anyone have a Question feel free to ask me about it 🙂


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