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Review after 2 weeks of use


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This cheat is not as good as other people says:


the fov slider: is a shit since you cant put the number you want

the aimbot: is blatant asf i used it with the max smoothness and still flicks too fast


Silent aim: since there is no "aim for the closest bone" if you put the bone in neck you will hit headshot at all times and if you put it in spine you are never going to hit a headhshot  + the shots go straight to the bone selected champs like lian that leave a trace if you have the bone in spine and you aim for legs or chest/upperchest  you can see that the shot doesn't match with the area you are shooting at. In replay that thing look very sus 


Projectile prediction: is good but at the same time is not that good since some shots go too far from where you are aiming at in a replay that looks sus too.


Security: idk how good the security is but paladins doesn't have a good anticheat at all 


And another thing to mention is the ramdom crashes when you are playing for more than 1 hour, the thing goes like this: you press insert to change something and the cheat crashes your game. Happened to me like 5 times already, 2 in ranked of course.


Conclusion: if you want to play blatant this cheat is for you but if you want to play ranked and appear to be legit this is not your cheat, in diamond and upper ranks the replays get saved and everyone can see that and expose you. 



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The overall aimbot feature certainly needs some adjustments and bug fixes if it wants to compete with other providers. Although the good optimization, info features, price, and security are still the best, not to mention been undetected for many years (since its release in 2018). About the crashes, that sort of thing usually happens when EAC or the game updates. Admins have to take a look at it and may take some time.

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