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Hi everybody,


We have made the difficult decision to increase all of our prices by 10%. This is not a choice we want to make or take lightly but due to all of our costs increasing (server hosting, accountancy fees, etc etc) we have been forced to meet this increase or face a loss. We know there is a lot of global turbulence at the moment, so we hope that once things settle down we will be able to return our prices back to what they were previously. 


We did some comparisons before making this choice and learned that even with a price rise, we are still one of the best value cheese sites when compared to our competitors. Hopefully you are able to stick with us, as a reward for your loyalty we have increased the points earned in the membershop. 


Also, we are adjusting the length of the Rust subscription from 10 days to 30 days for free, so everybody with an existing sub will get more extra days, and everybody buying a new sub will pay the same price but get 30 days instead of 20.


Thanks for your understanding and loyalty,


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