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Esp 6-7/10

Brackets should be removed or an option to remove it otherwise its annoying af over like 100m.

Vehicles letters seem too big both name and health.

Vehicle name disappears if driver seat is empty and all vehicles shown is just annoying.

Box goes very tiny when enemy prone instead of take the form of a rectangle.

Mines wont show at all.


Aimbot 9/10

It could use a second keybind.

Doesnt work with grenade launcher and some things.


Misc 9/10

Placement always valid does not seem to work.

Recoil slider would be nice.

Infinite anything is very rage and easy to notice.


Overall a nice tool for now BUT I only used it for a week, will see how it goes when they release the new game update.

Price seems reasonable, it aint something crazy like most EFT cheese.

When using the tool while into a match there is a high chance it will either crash the game or selected feature wont work, youre better off setting up everything while on staging phase or menu.

Had an issue on my end while log in the tool and they responded basically instantly so 10/10 support.


Common ESP style of play for legit and youre golden thats basically all you need to do the perfect plays every time no matter what role or task you trying to accomplish.

Be aware youre gonna find some servers have a lot of cheese users in fact once I started using it I noticed how much there really is because in this game if you do it right its basically impossible to tell you cheesing but there is many ppl going hard and they aint getting called out so up to you.


After some time I can safely say while its not 100% safe you pretty safe overall as to if youre the kind of guy that stops playing when a update hits till like 2 weeks in you wont have issues and even if the cheese goes down you will get compensated when its back. For the price you probably wont find anything better.


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