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Deadside Review


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Deadside 8/10

First of all i need to say that it is best Public one there is right now, no doubt about that.

Review is for the things i have tried and used.


Safety 8/10

Eventually you will always get banned for using cheese but Chod's are rarely detected.

main reason you get banned is because of reports and some other evidence people gather.


Aimbot 5/10 

It works mostly close range but longer distances it is little bit off.

i dont use it myself so much and i hope it will be better in Future.


No spread/No recoil 10/10

this works good. really good.


ESP/WH  8/10

works pretty good  some minor changes would be nice.

you can see players around 400m distance.

you can see what gun they have on hand.

Before there was option that you can see what loot dead bodies had but now its not there anymore

kinda miss it. 


Overall this cheese is good one compared to other ones i have tried and rarely detected.


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