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Squad review 4 Dec 2021


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Chod's  cheat is no doubt no.1 on the market right now. After getting banned 4 months ago I stopped playing for a while and thought I'd give Chod's another try after their big update with the cheat. Luckily I did not receive a HWID ban by playing on the same PC (cannot guarantee for other people getting hwid ban or not)


The cheat had a total ramake from ui to some of the functions. ESP and Aimbot works perfectly and works even better than before. Some of the misc functions are fun and useful aswell, for example 3rd person drive in vehicles and unlimited ammo (REALLY fun if you had a heavy AT kit with unlimited rockets:D)


Some of the functions does not work, for example esp for mines doesn't work like it used to be, so I kept driving through mines..... I really hope there is a fix to this. Also for no fall damage and instant respawn, I not sure if it's not working or if I'm having trouble understanding the maening, they just don't seem to work. I'd recommend they add a 2D radar function aswell, would be really useful :D 


Overall, it's a 9.5/10, if you are looking for a fun and good cheat for the game, look no further because chod's has the best price and unbetable funtions.


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