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Trophies and reputation?


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I mean I feel like some games are going to be public still so people looking to be invited  have something to purchase and play until they get invited; but I agree with the invite only system I believe Chod's downtime will dramatically decrease for games using EAC. 

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I like the idea of having different versions for some games. for instance one version which is non-invite and open to the public but less secure. and one version open only to those invited. Of course this would only work in games that would support mulitple methods of cheating. it may also make it more complicated to keep updated.

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Invite system will be by far the best solution. Im not shit talking but Public cheats don't do well as every kid and their mother will buy it and rage hack till it gets banned/detected. Keeping it lowkey is going to be by far the best idea and give it to so to say "professional" cheaters that play legit.

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