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tarkov account is blocked


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The contents of the attached picture came in an e-mail.
Is this hwid bann or account bann?


Below is the conents of the mail.


Your account "----" has been blocked for violating the USER's RIGHTS AND THE LIMITS OF the GAME's use of the License agreement.

According to the License agreement, access to the game and forum services account is blocked.

The ban is valid from 14 Feb 2021.

Term of blocking: permanent

Which point of the rules was violated: point 4.3.4 under no circumstances do not perform-in whole or in part – the following actions:

deception: use or complicity in such actions:

circumvention tools, i.e. methods that affect the course of the Game and / or facilitate it (including code that uses vulnerabilities in the Game) and thus give the User and / or any other user an advantage over other players who do not use such methods;automation of access to the Game ("bots"), i.e. any code and / or software that was not expressly authorized by Battlestate Games Limited that allows automatic control of the Game and/or any component or function of the Game, such as automatically controlling a character in the Game;

If you perform the above actions, in whole or in part, Battlestate Games Limited and / or the Licensor may terminate your access to the Game, Forum, or social media groups for an unlimited period without prior notice.

You can read the full text of the license agreement, the terms of which were accepted by you when creating a game account, on this page: https://www.escapefromtarkov.com/legal/license_agreement_en.html


The date of the ban may differ from the date of the violation.If you were banned for using cheats, you may not be able to play EFT on this computer anymore.You are fully responsible for the game from your account, so no matter who uses the cheat on this account, the account will be blocked.If you think you was falsly banned, please contact BattlEye support. If they didn't help you and BattlEye left the ban in effect, then this case cannot be reviewed.

In other cases, after contacting BattlEye support, you can contact Escape from Tarkov support with the attached request number and the BattlEye support response itself to the message to consider your appeal further.

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