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58 minutes ago, no_problems said:

Used a site for a client for deaside worked fine till deadside actually got a real anti-cheat so I got banned this is my first ban on a steam account so my question is what kind of measures do they take for banning players is it a hwid based ban or profile based?

If you got banned by EAC (the current AC in the game) it is a high chance that they banned your HWID

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13 hours ago, no_problems said:

So probably safest to use a new steam account and hwid any clue if it's like eft and raid-0 will work?

yea if you have a spoofer on hand and you create a new steam acc, you should be good to go! And i have used raid 0 for like 5-6 months on EFT, for me it worked atleast.

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