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2 hours ago, ThisIsForYou said:

I know its outdated at the moment, I want to use the speed hack but don't know the required speed to go the speed of a survivor and killer, Do I put it at 4.6 to go the speed of normal? What the speed of survivor?

I use my speed at 1.2 and when in a chase I just sprint while using the sprint button + the speed button and it looks like almost the speed of adrenaline or sprint burst, and killers cant notice.

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4 minutes ago, ThisIsForYou said:

Well what I am trying to do is put my speed maybe 2-3% more how many times have you dropped a pallet and your hit because the lag or window vault I just want enough speed to remove that from the game for me.

The speed I said is very good for that, you can even loop killers infinitely, just lets say, keep pressing alt key (key set to activate the speed hack) while you sprint. That pallet and hit problems are due to in lag game and some performance, just make sure you have enough distance from the killer.

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