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[WTS] The ABSOLUTE safest low steam accounts. OE, Expired Domains, 3000+ days unused


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5 digit: 25$

5 digit with OE: 40$

6 digit: 2.90$

6 digit with OE: 6$

7 digit: 2$

7 digit with OE: 4$


-All accounts have HL1 complimentary pack.

-All accounts are unused with no profile, steamguard or hours played.

-Accounts do NOT have csgo on them.


-Username, domain, or steam ID will -not- be revealed to anyone until payment is made and completed.

-Can verify or whatever to the appropriate people or as per site requires. PM me your contact info, if you verify accounts.

-To order add me in Skype.

-You go first or get OMM at your expense. I'll go first if I find you to be extremely trusted. Keyword: extremely. This means I will -not- trade first to you if you have 100 vouches or 1000 posts.


-I accept Paypal, Skrill, Bitcoin, WU, and MG.

-If you are paying via Paypal you must be paypal verified and send the payment as friends or family with no note. Furthermore, there are no Paypal trades for anything over 35$ unless you have more vouches than I do.

-If you send a paypal payment wrong, I will refund it and you will not receive an account until it is fixed.

-Prices will be cut dramatically if you pay with Bitcoin.

-There will be 2 confirmation wait for Bitcoin payments.

Contact Me:

-My skype is "live:xf_stealth"

-I will always request an exchange of pms before trading.

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