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small guide to avoid bans


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-Don't be obvious when looking at players though walls (ie; tracking players when you wouldn't be able to see them without the cheat)

-Don't run straight towards the "high tier" loot everytime, this also means don't happen to "randomly" find things that another player might've stored/hidden

-Try not to run straight towards enemy players if they aren't on your path (if an admin is watching and sees you randomly turn left behind an enemy it won't be good for you)

-Don't "camp" in a bush or a building and look around hoping to see someone through a wall or bush


-Getting 100% headshot isn't possible; so getting perfect headshot after headshot after headshot isn't probable

-Increase your smoothness level so it doesn't look like your flicking from player to player at the speed of light absolutely destroying them!

-Purposely miss shots (this is pretty self explanatory)

-Lose some fights so your kd won't look suspicious! It be very questionable if your kd was 19.0 or something very high (depending on the game) every single game

-DO NOT TRY AND TAKE ON THE ENTIRE ENEMY TEAM BY YOURSELF (ie; 1v5). Unless you have a trap set or an advantage over the enemy team, don't try and fight the entire team

-When using Aimbot you can typically see the names with the ESP feature! If an enemy player made you mad from the last game don't "target" that player! Spread your kills out amongst all the players in that lobby/server

-Try and keep your stats as realistic as possible:) For example: If your stats weren't that good before you purchased the cheat, DON'T automatically start hitting insane shots and getting 100% accuracy rate! Try and ease into it so it doesn't look as suspicious

-Obviously don't get upset and turn on "God Mode" and absolutely ruin the server. This would be a sure way of getting banned!


(You don't know who is watching you, treat every situation like an admin or spectator is watching you)


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