Rogue Company Cheat Review

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I am sad to say that I am honestly disappointed. I am an old time chod cheats user and this is by far the worse cheat Chod has every made. I thought about doing a cheat for rogue company my self but I opted in using Chod's Cheats because I truly trust them with my main account. I've been only banned using Chod's Cheats once while playing Escape from Tarkov, the game had just introduced BE and I my self could only make a bypass that would last me 3 months, so I didn't really expect much to be honest, and this Rogue Company cheat was no different, doubt i would be banned any time soon and if you want a simple cheat that will not get you banned this is the one I recommend but if we are talking about features and overall usermode competency I have to say I expected more. But lets get into the bullet points I know yall want to see:


Menu: 8/10 The theme of the menu is very well designed and is light on the eyes truly a good looking color scheme. But from what I could notice they tried hooking DirectX and it just didn't fit with the game since the menu would interfere with the background game which is not a good sight but it happens. The menu is rather confusing i must say probably due to the fact that its in a vertical scheme and once you click a tab that tab just doesn't disappear. (similar to the cracked version of Osiris for CSGO if you know what I mean). Back in the og days of Chod their menus were considered the best ones, where you could simply right click a feature and you would be able to select a hot key for that, you could change color, size, position of everything but now it looks kinda cheap if you know what I mean.


Aimbot 10/10 There's not really much to say here. Simple memory aim, great development, doesn't lag or anything, I would suggest adding the option of selecting more then one bone tho but that's my opinion of course. It had smoothing and an fov and a selection between distance, fov, or fov+distance which is kind of nice :)


Esp: 9.5/10 not much to say here either its a simple esp. kinda bugs sometimes seems like a w2s function problem but I don't really think it is tbh. (maybe using a different view matrix might help idk).


Misc 5/10 There was only one misc option which was no recoil and most of the times it didn't work. then it got removed from the cheat, I do know some people who have been able to use it before but it just didn't work for me even tho no recoil is a simple memory cheat. ( my dumb ass probably just couldn't configure it or something). I decided to include what's next here because I don't think it belongs anywhere else; the cheat does not have  a config system, which is very unsightly for a 35$ cheat, and having to precisely select your aimbot smoothing and fov every time can get tiring.

Overall: I know chods can do much much better. I highly doubt there will be any detections in the next month due the lack of EAC updates that game has been pushing, which is why I believe that Chod should focus more on developing the usermode section of this cheat. I also got one BSOD the first time i injected the cheat but it only happened once so i don't really think it matters. 

and that's all (long ass review i know right). Thank you all for those who have read all the way :)

-V1p3r's best regards to you all

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