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Hi, I have been using chods cheats dbd cheat for 3 months now, and this is my review on it.
This cheat is well worth the money as most other dbd cheat providers with features as good as chods are either private or are put at a very high price tag.
Overall after using this cheat i can say playing a game as survivor and killer is no problem at all. On survivor especially with the new window and pallet esp + Speedhack at a legit level, you can loop the killer forever and no one would even have a thought that you are cheating. Then when you're done being chased, you can do gens quickly by yourself with auto perfect skill check. Makes winning survivor games at rank 1 quite easy.
The escape instantly is great for if you get left on the hook when playing solo.
As for killer it will be even faster to rank up, as you know where all of the survivors are and what loops they will be taking.
Overall i would give this cheat a 9/10.
The one con to this cheat is that with pallet esp if you play against a freddy it will show a fake pallet as a real pallet in the esp. This isnt a huge con though because i rarely play against freddy.
One suggestion i have is maybe a huntress aimbot if possible.

Thank you for your time, and thank you to the coders for a great and cheap dbd cheat!

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