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General question about the vac detections.


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Can you answer this question for me: why even cheat in the first place? What do you gain from it?

There are two answers people usually give.

1 - To rage. But this is not possible to do anyway in MM games. The server-side anti-cheats will quickly realize you are using aim cheats and the overwatch demos will get you banned in no time. So you cannot do that even if the cheat was undetected.

2 - To be the best. Okay, so you got your new cheat, and you are the best in csgo. But on what account are you the best? On a brand new account with 20 hours on it? You do realize that nobody takes you seriously when you have 1 game with 20 hours on it. Anytime anyone sees a brand new account they pretty much conclude that you are cheating and so you get no respect from any player. If you make your profile private nobody takes you seriously too. It goes without saying that you cannot even league cheat either.

So what do you gain? The moment you get a cheat everyone will know you are cheating anyway. You will be immediately suspect though not immediately banned.

The point is, if you not gonna cheat on your main account then there is no point to cheat in the first place.

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After looking through the forums, i see people say they got vac banned on their main account, eventho they only cheated on a second account? How can that happen? I would like to hear more about that, since i have a main account with too many items and hours to be banned :S

simple answer: restart you system if you switch accounts

i get banned on 6 smurf accounts , but my 5digit/500$ main account is still fine !

important is that you restart , if you switch account

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