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⭐Zamasu's EFT Carry Service⭐ $3 Per Run ? More Runs = Pay Less ? Questing ?


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Zamasu's Escape From Tarkov Carrying Service 


Welcome to my carrying service, provided by an English speaking host. I can cover all regions excluding Asia/OCE.

Here you will find the lowest prices for whatever you came here for, if you find lower I will match it.


Services I offer - 

Loot/Money Runs (The more you order, the less you pay).

➡ Labs/Reserve = $3 per run.

➡ Interchange = $2.50 per run.

➡ Shoreline/Woods/Customs = $2 per run.

If you or myself happen to die or disconnect from the raid making the raid a failure, I will give you another for no extra cost.

I will give you every piece of loot including expensive items such as LEDX's and any keys/keycards, I will only ever take loot if it is ammo or a gun in the case that mine has ran out of ammo.


Duo queue - 

I also offer a duo queue service, where I act as your duo for as long as you pay for.

This is practically the same as the the Loot Runs but instead of paying per run, you pay for my time.

You still get all the loot and money found and I will not make raids last long, as soon as you are ready to leave, we shall leave to maximise the amount you get.

Prices start at $10 per hour.



Quest completion -

I can aid you in completion of quests (dependant on quest).

Price will vary depending on difficulty/duration of quest.

Understand that some quests I cannot aid you with, such as levelling skills.


Thank you and I look forward to helping you along your journey!






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