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How to find transaction ID for PayPal


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So.. This is a step by step for those of you who do not how to find your info through paypal.

It's simple.

1. Go to www.paypal.com

2. Log in!

3. Click "Statements"


4. Click "Go To History"


5. Change the date of the calendar on the left side to a random date before the day you think you bought the hack(I bought my hack in Dec of 2013, but I went ahead and set the date of it to January of 2013), then click "Show".


6. Scroll through until you find the "Jamvo Limited" under the name/email tab. Click "Details".


7. Everything you need should be on this page. You have your ID up top and the rest of your info down below.


That's it, see so simple!

EDIT: Reposted pics. Thanks Emiiru, didn't notice that till ya said something! :)

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