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1 hour ago, hegezzzu said:

Hello guys ! so i'm new to this site, not new to cheating scene but new to this site, so i'm asking you, where should i start?  i want to buy Deadside cheat but i'm not sure where to start. Would be much appreciated to get some hints. Thanks.


Well first I'll start by saying welcome!


If you're just looking to cheat and play. Store is your start. Just head there.
We have a guide forum that explains how to use the cheat however our client is extremely easy to use and inject :D


We have a testimonial page if you want to check out other users experience using our cheat. Deadside is a bit empty obviously due to how new the cheat/game is.


Apart from that the rest of the forum is pretty self explanatory. Just like any other :)

kind regards,


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