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2 Large boxes of high-tier items - this can consist of: Explosives, Sulfur, Guns, Armor, Meds, Components & Low Grade Fuel
Price: 12€
Optional: 16€
5 Guns Package 2 low-tier guns (revolver) + 2 mid tier guns (Semi-pistol, rifle, thompson etc.) + 1 high-tier gun (ak,L96,M92,M249,bolt etc.)
Price: 6€
3 Guns Package 1 mid tier gun + 2 high tier guns.
Price: 5€
1000 Scrap
Price: 10€ (Other items found on the way will be included.)
3 Large Chests of wood
Price: 6.50€ (Price will decrease if chainsaw or salvaged axe are supplied.)
9000 Sulfur ore
Price: 10€
18K Metal Ore
Price: 15€
30K Stone
Price: 10€
10 Bear Kills
Price: 5€
Rust account (Unlocked)
Price: 8€

If you wish to discuss any other services, or the current services posted here feel free to join the Discord: ****REMOVED****

Payment: RDM Services currently accept payment via Paypal & BTC. PM one of the administrators with any questions or if you want a specific service that hasn't been listed. I can join any servers with no queue or a queue with less than 10 people* These services can be applied on any server of your choice, also including official servers.

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