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Review for Dead by Daylight Cheat


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ESP - This is created very good and amazing, easy to track survivors and killer + cheat is showing distance in meters. 10/10

Automatic Skill Check - What to say? One more amazing option in cheat menu, this is helping me a lot. 10/10

100% Safe Unhook - This is really cool to have it, but use it in situation where you gonna win in game 100%, because if you use it all the time people can see your log on DbD ladderboard, there is showing how many times did you escape from hook and other stuff... But its working very nice 10/10

Other ESP - All other ESP is very cool, I can see everything, but I disable most of the things because there is many ESP thing on my monitor xD I use for generators, killers, survivors and escape doors. 10/10

Instant Healing - Very good but always use it in smart way, when you are hidden from killers/survivors, and do not use it when a survivor dies because maybe he is spectating you. 10/10 because its working great.

Speedhack - I did not tried it yet because i'm scared to use it xD
Get Max. Bloodpoints - Not tried this option because it says risky, I dont want to risk that one xD

Cheat for DbD is worth buying, no lag and nice smooth gameplay with ESP.

Thank you for creating this.

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Hey there razerdog93!

Thank you for the review and the breakdown of features you use :)

Glad to hear you're enjoying the cheat, we will always be working on new updates and features for the cheat so keep an eye out ?

Kind regards,

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On 3/15/2020 at 5:38 PM, zackraynor said:

Speed hack is no bad, set it at 460 as a normal killer  (440 as Nurse or Deathslinger).

You can set a little higher when you play killer, like 470.  That's fine.

Whats good for Ghostface and The Pig? And do I have to press F7 all the time to use it?

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I've found as survivor, setting it to 473.5 is just a bit faster than normal, and doesnt look suspicious as long as you dont keep it on. Use it when youre running from the killer and break line of sight, to get a small boost to allow yourself to get away, or while looping. Make sure to hold shift occasionally to leave scratch marks, as running without leaving any scratch marks does look quite odd to the killer (holding shift will return you temporarily to normal running speed and leave scratch marks).

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