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Upcoming Cheats?


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So it's pretty realistic to see that EFT is not gonna be around for much longer as it seems to be doing more harm than good for the sites reputation (Even tho those who got banned knew what they were getting themselves into) I am also aware that new cheats were voted upon not too long ago and I was just wondering which ones those where and if anymore cheats are planned for the future? As I have one or two games in mind. 

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Rather than making a new thread I will just post the question here, Sorry if this seems like I am trying to bump this thread it really isn't the intention with this post. 

Does anyone think a War Thunder cheat will ever be implamented? I have searched all around (I know no one, so private isn't an option for me) and I can't seem to find any reliable cheats for War Thunder, whenever I do the reviews for the provider are always poor so I don't even give them a second look. I have been with Chod for over 2 years now Chods is the only provider I have ever had where the cheats both work and are undetected. A big selling area for Chods was the EFT cheat, and now that it's a higher cost and only seems to stay up a couple days before it's enevitable detection, I think War Thunder would be a good game to switch to? It's free to play and it's EAC. It's just one of the games where decent hacks are pretty hard to find. 


What are your opinions? 

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I can confidently say there is no chance of a war thunder cheat in the near future and maybe future at all. 


The devs are currently working hard on stability and performance of the client and current cheats and this is their number 1 priority. 

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